How does a Spacebib online race/challenge works?

A Spacebib online race or challenge is a self-motivated competition where participant can:

  • complete a defined distance, usually by running, walking, cycling or any eligible activities anytime during the stipulated race period,
  • complete the race from anywhere in the world
  • complete the race at their own pace
How to join a Spacebib online race?

  • Sign up for an online race or add to cart as many races on Spacebib in an order
  • Use a running app or fitness tracker/device to track your activity
  • Complete the challenge during the race period via upload the result (screenshot/photo) in your Spacebib account (Make sure your screenshot captured the date, distance and timing duration of your activity) or sync the results via your Strava account
  • Our system will verify your result and send your award by each order to your mailing address (Delivery status and tracking number can be found in your account)
Race Completion Policy

Do note that you MUST complete the race within the stipulated race period in order to be eligible for the race items. *Race items will be dispatched after you have completed the race in 1 to 5 working days and not at the end of the race period.

Benefits of joining a Spacebib online race?

  • Allow you to join from anywhere around the world
  • Complete the race anytime at your convenience and own pace safely
  • Allow anyone of any age, ability, race, gender, colour, language, religion, political to join without discrimination
  • Build up discipline to adopt an active lifestyle
  • Make you become healthier and live happier
  • Tracked worldwide shipping ensures that race items arrives at your doorstep
  • Earn and enjoy beautiful themed race items, e.g. finisher medal and finisher t-shirt
  • Create a sense of achievement and bragging rights
  • join a supportive community and inspire others to get active too