Why is my payment failed/successful

They are several reasons why a charge or payment can fail:

  1. Do not honor by bank
  2. Credit card has expired
  3. Overseas transaction not allowed
  4. Transaction has a high risk of fraud
  5. Bank rejects it for other reasons
  6. Insufficient fund
They are several reasons why a charge or subscription can fail:

For reason 1 to 5, please contact your bank to inquire with them. Generally, you can notify the bank to allow overseas transaction for your card.

For reason 6, if you are using a debit card, please ensure there is sufficient fund in the card. Alternatively, you can try another card.

You can also contact our support team at support@spacebib.com for us to check.

The confirmation of participation is Only Valid when payment of the fees is successfully made with an order number created.