Why Should I Join a Spacebib Online Race?

What is an online race?

How would you react if you could skip parking problems, long loo lines, pre-race jitters, bad organising and crowds one must endure when competing in mass participation running races. Instead, we recommend “online races,” a phenomenon that grows more popular by the day.

Runners register online, but that’s where familiarity ends. One picks a favourable weather and their favourite terrain—treadmill, road, trail, etc.—uses an electronic device to capture distances traveled, and those totals are uploaded to your Spacebib profile.

Physical finisher’s entitlements delivered straight to the participant doorstep after crossing virtual finish lines. What could be more convenient?

Who benefits from Spacebib online races?
In a word, everyone. If you own a pair of running shoes and love the idea of running on your schedule, not someone else's, you realise that online race is the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

The ability to participate without having to show up at a specific time and place is winning converts and increasing the number of people eager to take advantage of this race type.

They include:

  • Casual runners don't like being compared to veteran marathoners. They don't have to worry about that if they participate in online races.
  • New runners can bask in the glow of race success, gain confidence and display a medal or wear a finisher t-shirt to verify their victory.
  • Serious runners are urged to gather credentials and wins on their own time schedules and from any location.
  • Walkers and joggers are drawn to online races because there is no pressure to perform.
  • Kids get an early taste of how it feels to win a race and then be rewarded for their efforts.
  • People with disabilities who are mobile don’t have to sit on the sidelines; they can compete on their own terms!

Types of online races and challenges
When you got into running, did you favour one terrain over another? Online races offer you the same variety.

Spacebib’s commitment to the online race means that they have big plans for you. Expect online walks, runs, ultras, trails, marathons and even fun runs in different variety of distances to appear on the site’s menu.

This Herculean effort reinforces the Spacebib philosophy: sports participation should always be made easy and accessible for everyone.

You can expect every Spacebib online event to be authentic, purpose-driven, rewarding and upstanding.

That’s why you can count on Spacebib for high-quality products which is as demonstrated in the theme of the races they created.

That mission will remain in place, so runners find their rightful places at these types of events now and in the future.

You can run on your own but you are not alone. You know the answer. Isn’t it time you discovered how meaningful and rewarding a Spacebib online race can be?