You can sync your results from Strava to your Spacebib account via our website or iOS mobile app.

How to sync my race result from Strava?
Step 1 : Login to your profile at Spacebib.
Step 2: Go to “My Race” page. Click on your order to open up the detailed race page. Click on the “View” button at the race of your choice.

View Race

Step 3: Then click on “Add Results”.

Add Results

Step 4: Click on “Connect with Strava”.
Connect with Strava

Do check the "View data about your private activities" box at the Strava authorisation page in order for synchronisation to work properly.

Step 5: Click on “Authorize”.
Authorise Strava

Step 6: Proceed back to the upload result section. You should be able to see the list of available activity results to sync to your race.

Strava Results

Step 7: Select the appropriate results and click confirm.

Confirm Strava Result Upload

Note: You do not have to sync immediately after each activity. We recommend that you sync your Strava data to your profile on a weekly basis.

How to record activity on Strava?
Step 1: Go to your app store to download the Strava app. Create an account on the app.
Step 2: Read these guide for iOS or Android to find out how you can record an activity

How to remove Strava connection?
Step 1: Click the account tab under your profile icon
Step 2: Click on the settings section
Step 3: You'll see a Strava connection status. Click "Disconnected" to disable the connection.

Disconnect Strava

Note: To reconnect your Strava syncing, simply proceed to any race and click on the "Connect with Strava" button again during results upload.

How to delete a Strava sync result?
Step 1: Click on your submitted results.
Result list

Step 2: Switch over the results from Strava to the Manual Tab

Switch to manual

Step 3: Click on delete to remove the result record. (This option is disabled if you have completed the race).

Delete result

For more information on how to use Strava. Please visit Strava Support.
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