You will be able to submit your result in your Spacebib profile dashboard via our website login under the event name once the race period opens.

You can use any running app or wearable/gadgets to track your run/walk.

Take a screenshot/photo of your race result
Upload your screenshot/photo in your Spacebib account. (Only .PNG or .JPG format is accepted)
You can find your race participation at the dropdown list under your avatar profile -> My Races -> Race Name -> Add Results
Once you have uploaded all your result screenshots, a notification message will be shown

Free running apps can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App Store. Some recommended apps are MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Nike Run Club etc. As each app or tracker is different, a rule of thumb is that as long as your screenshot did capture the distance clocked and duration of your activity, it's sufficient. GPS map is not mandatory.
We recommend you to use the web browser either on your phone or computer to access your account and upload your results via the web browser at

Now, accepting other type of activities
You can choose to input miles, kilometres or calories burned during upload and we will automatically convert it to KM.
For calories burned, you can choose to use any calories tracking app.

Here's the conversion for other types:
1 step = 0.0007KM
1 calorie burned = 0.013KM

Example of accepted results:
Strava screenshot
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