Our products are made of technical fabrics. To preserve the special qualities of your garment and ensure they keep performing their best, please follow these care instructions to help maintain your products to keep them in their optimal condition:

Turn inside out
Wash with like colours only
Hand or machine wash
Use cold/cool water only
Use gentle soap
Do not tumble dry
Don’t use bleach, dryer sheets, or fabric softener
Do not dry clean
Do not iron
Do not soak

It is advisable to wash using hand to maintain the quality of our products.

Hang garments in a well-ventilated area
Never store damp clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g, sport bag, suitcase, plastic bag etc.). Although the fabric is odour resistant, this can still lead to clothes developing an unpleasant smell
Immediately water-rinse garments and hang in a well-ventilated area or wash immediately to protect material fibers from degradation due to sweat

Unfortunately, we are not liable for any damage resulting from incorrect handling of our products, including handling contrary to the instructions and we will not be able to exchange or replace them.

Our medals are made from recycled alloys and metals with sustainability in mind. Here are a few tips to help your medal maintain its condition for years to come.

Do not use harsh chemical dips to clean them
Store them in dry conditions with a relatively stable temperature and low humidity
Don’t wash the ribbon/lanyard of the medal as the dye could run and you could lose some of the vibrancy of the colour
When putting the medals on display, keep in mind that they should not be in direct sunlight
We don't recommend polishing unless absolutely necessary because the repeated abrasion of polishing will damage the sharpness of the medal’s design

Colour Changing Water Bottle

Avoid using hard object or sharp tools to run or scratch the surface of the bottle
Don't soak the bottle in water for a long period of time
Hand wash only
Avoid exposing the bottle under strong sunlight for a long period of time
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